This service is not currently available, expected start date Feb 2019

Inclusive of GST wills start from $275 and increase with couples or complexity.

Simple wills can usually be prepared in your first appointment to provide your instructions, once the documents have been generated, explained and approved by you, a following appointment will be arranged for signing.

Additional costs at an hourly rate may be applied for complicated wills, testamentary trusts, and powers of attorney (finances) and Advanced Care Directives (health).

A will is an important document that arranges for the dispersal of a person’s assets upon death. Without a will the wishes of the deceased person have no way of being known or enforced. Most people would wish that their hard earned assets pass to their loved ones with a minimum of fuss. A will can also provide for the guardianship of any minor children and can express a wish as to funeral arrangements.

The administration of an estate where there is no will can be an expensive and time consuming procedure, also creating a will can be very tax effective for those who receive your assets.

Making a will is not something that should be put off for any length of time, and of course the will can be revised at any time to take account of changed circumstances. You should be aware that a new will, as well as marriage, automatically revokes an existing will.

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