Your superannuation is your future, for most people their superannuation will ultimately determine their lifestyle. Having your super invested correctly could mean the difference of you just getting by in day to day life or it could have you and your partner on holidays 3 times per year in retirement, that’s why it’s important to have your super in the right hands.

Our superannuation expert regularly monitors super fund investments and ensures that the investments are diversified correctly to match your wishes. Self managed super fund numbers are increasing everyday and this is something SG&A can arrange for you however these are not suited for everybody, there are obligations and legalities involved on your behalf, not adhering to these could have very unpleasant taxes and fines imposed on your super. However, on the other hand a self managed super fund is perfect for some people, that’s why when speaking to our superannuation expert you’ll hopefully leave your first appointment with clarity around which path you wish to take.

SG&A honour our clients for having the faith in us to determine their retirement lifestyle, that’s why we take pleasure in getting to know our clients and our research is unrushed and well thought out.

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