Automotive & Personal Finance

SG&A deals with over 45 lenders in Australia and specialise in automotive finance, this gives our clients access to the lowest interest rates and the easiest approvals available.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of individual lender policies allows you the opportunity to have someone push and negotiate on your behalf for a better deal or even an approval in more difficult circumstances.

As times are becoming tougher regarding loan approvals it’s more important than ever to have an expert on your side. Aside from comparing interest rates a few things our lending specialist needs to consider is which¬†formula does each lender use to assess your income?, also which formula each lender uses to assess your expenses?, this could mean the lender who assessed your income to the highest value could potentially be the lender who believes you have the lowest surplus… but even then, how much does each lender value your purchasing asset? therefore loan to value ratios need to be considered with each lender. Many people are faced with these problems which brings them to a dead end during the approval process, each time this happens an enquiry is added to their credit history. Each enquiry added generally makes it more difficult for an approval with the next lender approached.¬†

Your credit history is not something you want to be playing or experimenting with, leave it to professionals to keep it healthy and protected.

So give SG&A a call today and let us help you with your automotive or personal finance needs.

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